The company

A strong foundation

Working to give you accurate, reliable information

Our story is about what happens when you give the right people the tools, foundation and freedom needed to develop solutions that optimize complex work processes.

For over 17 years, Innova IT has helped public agencies, organizations and businesses get the accurate, reliable information they need to streamline workflow and make informed decisions.


Fast, consistent and effective workflow

We service a variety of industries that deal with complex processes and data. In order to do so, we draw on deep keep knowledge gained from, among other things, many years of experience optimizing intelligence and investigative processes.

When you work with us, you can count on a modern, innovative solution. A solution that streamlines your workflow and gives you the overview you need to lift efficiency, productivity and performance.

Our own workflow is highly efficient too. Whatever your goals, we possess the experience, the foundation and the attitude necessary to deliver a quality solution faster than anyone else.

How we work

The right tools - and the right attitude

Decades of experience has enabled us to refine our Innovations development framework, which we use to deliver a reliable solution in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

While much of the solution is standardized, our 17+ years of experience customizing solutions for a variety of intelligence and investigative processes means we know how to deliver a solution that meets your specific business needs. And we won’t hesitate to challenge you if we believe, for example, that a given feature could be realized in a simpler and more effective way.


The right attitude



– Dialog: Open and fair

– Quality: Pride in what we deliver

– Trustworthiness: Keep promises

– Innovation: Creative thinking; modern technology


Respect for quality and for our customers
An atmosphere of respect sets the scene for great solutions. Respect for how we treat employees and customers.
For providing quality work based on the latest available technology and global mindset.
And respect for how we deliver services and solutions to you.

The team

Creative, detail-oriented, innovative

The Innova IT team includes a good balance of meticulous, detail-oriented people and creative, innovative minds. There are senior business leaders with proven track records at some of the world’s leading international technology companies, like Microsoft, IBM and KMD.

There are former military personnel with insight into investigative and intelligence work processes. And of course, there are some of the top IT developers in the industry. It all comes together in Innova IT’s open, stimulating environment.

We are not a sweatshop. Nor do we need to be. We simply give the most talented, respected professionals in the market the room to do what they are best at.

Due to the serious and sensitive nature of the work many of our customers do, we need to protect our own and our customers’ identities for security reasons.


Take advantage of decades of experience

We have been providing solutions for the intelligence community and other organizations for over 17 years. Even before Innova IT saw the light of day, our core team and company founders had decades of experience delivering solutions for organizations ranging from from smaller public agencies to larger enterprises.

This work with intelligence and investigative processes has given us the experience needed to help you. If you have complex processes and data, we can apply our knowledge and expertise to help you gain control of your work processes, data, interactions and data management.




Room to grow

Innova IT is a place where the most talented, creative and innovative developers, project managers and other professionals have the room to do what they are best at – without the constraints of bureaucracy.


Background information

Innova IT delivers solutions that optimize complex workflows and data – faster than anyone else.


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